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For nearly a century, American Legion Baseball has promoted sportsmanship, health, active citizenship and equality for hundreds of thousands of young athletes. This tradition-rich amateur baseball league has produced professional athletes, community leaders, business professionals and more. Here are just some of our many highlights of this sport, which has survived through times of war and national tragedy, and those who have contributed to its long-time success and been inducted into the ND American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • 1925

    American Legion Baseball proposed at a South Dakota American Legion convention as a way to foster healthy activities for youth
  • 1926

    American Legion Baseball begins with teams from 15 states
  • 1926

    The first American Legion Baseball World Series takes place in Philadelphia
  • 1928

    North Dakota hosts its first season of Legion Baseball
  • 1929

    Legion Baseball expands to all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • 1949

    National Player of the Year first recognized

  • 1950

    Roger Maris plays his first season of ND Legion Baseball, helping Post 2 win the ND State Tournament and being named MVP

  • 1956

    Bismarck hosts North Dakota’s first National Championship game, which was won by St. Louis, Missouri. They went on to host again in 1962, when St. Louis won again.
  • 1966

    Jack Williams Stadium is dedicated in Fargo, named in honor of the ND American Legion’s first adjutant and first department athletic officer
  • 1976

    John P. (Jack) Williams becomes the first inductee into the ND American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1983

    Fargo hosts its first National Championship game. It went on to host again in 1992, 1995 and 2009.
  • 2011

    Shelby, North Carolina, becomes the permanent home of the American Legion World Series
  • 2018

    Fargo Post 2 advances to the World Series in Shelby, N.C., coming in as runner-up 

ND American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

The North Dakota American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame honors individuals from throughout the state who have contributed to the promotion of The American Legion Baseball Program in North Dakota as well as those who have participated in the Legion Baseball Program and gone on to excel in the field of baseball or other endeavors.

* Denotes honors awarded posthumously

1976*John P. (Jack) Williams, Fargo, ND
1977*Wesley Craig Brenno, Larson, ND
*Nate Cummings, Oakes, ND 
*Eugene Fitzgerald, Fargo, ND 
Roger Maris, Fargo, ND (then residing in Gainsville, FL) 
*George W. Rulon, Fargo, ND (then residing in Indianapolis, IN) 
1978Jack Bazer, Arnegard, ND 
Lyle (Red) Connors, Minot, ND 
Robert (Bob) F. Walsh, Parshall, ND 
1979Otto (Pete) A. Helm, New Rockford, ND 
James (Jim) F. Johnson, New Rockford, ND 
*Melvin Johnson, Galchutt, ND 
1980Ingwald (Eli) Anderson, Minot, ND 
Russ R. Anderson, Bismarck, ND 
Ralph V. Brovold, New England, ND 
John J. Preboske, Fargo, ND (then residing in West Fargo, ND) 
Sam Tolchinsky, Bismarck, ND (then residing in Denver, CO) 
1981Merland (Red) W. Berg, Grand Forks, ND 
Arne Espeseth, Noonan, ND 
Harold (Chubby) Schlaht, Jamestown, ND 
1982James V. Nelson, Jamestown, ND 
Gilmore Ness, Tolna, ND 
Marvin C. Skaar, Grand Forks, ND
1983Joseph T. Parmer, Fargo, ND 
Alvin (Abbie) E. Peterson, Enderlin, ND 
Robert W. Smith, Fargo, ND 
1984John W. Conyne, Bismarck, ND 
*John (Jack) A. MacLachlan, Bismarck, ND 
1985John J. Randall, Wahpeton, ND 
1986Orlin (Bill) Hanson, Sherwood, ND 
Boyd Jaskoviak, Mandan, ND 
Steve Molinari, Williston, ND 
Harold Schafer, Bismarck, ND 
1987Vernon Halverson, Park River, ND 
Ken Hunt, Grand Forks, ND (then residing in California) 
Clarence L. Jensen, Esmond, ND 
Alex Steinwand, Ellendale, ND 
1988Claude (Bud) Ebert, Minot Air Force Base, ND 
E. R. (Bosh) Froehlich, Mandan, ND 
Gerald L. Lawson, Donnybrook, ND 
1989Gus Becker, Bismarck, ND 
Roger A. Higgins, Bismarck, ND 
Robert (Bob) Miller, Williston, ND 
1990George Menne, Mooreton, ND 
Cliff Nygard, Bismarck, ND 
1991Leo W. Jablonski, Mandan, ND 
*William (Bill) Laraway, Jamestown, ND 
Robert (Bud) Wright, Jamestown, ND 
1992Jerry Harter, Fargo, ND 
1993Ron Frydenlund, Jamestown, ND 
1995Richard E. Herr, Wishek, ND 
Earl Stoltenow, Wahpeton, ND 
1996Don Overbo, Grenora, ND 
Herman Larson, Grand Forks, ND 
Gene Buen, Velva, ND 
Delmer Steffens, Fairmount, ND 
1998Owen Stockdill, Mandan, ND 
Merritt Ogren, Edgeley, ND 
1999Donald Glarum Sr., Cogswell, ND 
Melvin Bentz, Bismarck, ND 
Clarence Hall, Berthold, ND 
2000*Leroy Good, LaMoure, ND
2001*Walter Enget, Grenora, ND 
Darin Erst AD, Jamestown, ND 
Rick Helling, Fargo, ND 
2002Howard Theige, Minot, ND 
2003Alvin Pinke, Valley City, ND 
Harold Diederick, Wahpeton, ND 
2004Arthur Johnson, Rolette, ND 
Jerry Voegele, Bismarck, ND 
2005Dene Karna, Makoti, ND 
* Floyd Stromme, Cooperstown, ND 
2006Travis Hafner, Sykeston, ND 
Leroy Frost, Arthur, ND 
Gene Severson, Bismarck, ND 
2007Rev. Dick Hendrickson, Garrison, ND 
2008Terry Petrick, Makoti, ND 
Myron Sortland, Crosby, ND 
2009Christopher Coste, Fargo, ND 
*Bill Schilling, Fargo, ND 
2010No recipients
2011Kelly Trautmann, Larimore, ND 
Mark Luther, Minot, ND 
2012Steve Thomas, Bismarck, ND 
Len Stanley, Bismarck, ND 
2013Kenneth Vatne, Hamlet, ND
2014No recipients
2015*Ed Tomlinson, Rolla, ND 
*Randall Rustad, Fargo, ND 
2016Tim Olson, Bismarck, ND 
Brian Kraft, Grand Forks, ND 
Tom Perius, Langdon, ND 
2017Scott Milbrandt, Kindred, ND 
Ralph Humenyik, Williston, ND 
Kelly Armstrong, Dickinson, ND 
2018Duane Baer, Linton, ND
2020Mark Frost

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